Financial options for your family.

We’re committed to doing everything we can to make our school a viable choice for talented students. That’s why we award millions of dollars in need-based financial assistance every year. In fact, a quarter of our students receive some sort of financial assistance—and all of it is kept strictly confidential. We never discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sexual orientation or national or ethnic orientation.


We go the extra mile to open the door

We know that a private education isn’t always affordable to families. All financial aid is a need-based grant, not a loan that needs to be paid back.

But sometimes a grant isn’t quite enough. To make sure our school is within reach, we’ve gone a step further with interest-free payment plans that allow families to spread out tuition costs over the course of the school year. 529 College Savings Plans are another way families can meet financial needs while enjoying tax benefits.

“This was the first school experience where my son was happy going to school—so much so that he wakes, dresses and makes his bed on his own in anticipation of school. Best part is he returns happy!”

— Phillip McGuire, Lower School Parent

Here’s how we determine need.

  1. Families file a Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) with the School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS), a division of the National Association of Independent Schools.
  2. SSS calculates what funds a family should have available for educational expenses. Their review keeps in mind the number of children families have at tuition-charging schools as well as parent-student loan debt.
  3. Next, St. Christopher’s determines how much aid we can offer. Awards are made on a yearly basis.
  4. Families have to file a new PFS each year to renew aid. That allows us to make adjustments if financial needs change.

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