Here’s what other parents say about the St. Christopher’s experience.

Every St. Christopher’s family has a story.
Here are just a few from our parents.

I love the parent involvement in the classroom. It’s amazing to see the control the teachers have over the boys even at the youngest age. There is a mutual respect.”

Brooke Barnard

Lower School Parent

This is the first school experience where my son was happy going to school. So much so that he wakes, dresses and makes his bed on his own in anticipation of school. Best part is he returns home happy.”

Phillip McGuire

Lower School Parent

St. Christopher’s offers a caring environment which fosters their independent thinking and civil responsibility.”

Khalfani Moore

Lower School Parent

There is an unbelievable sense of community through all grades. All 82 boys in the 8th grade are truly friends and celebrate both their differences and their similarities.”

Liz Whalley Buono

Middle School Parent

St. Christopher’s offers opportunities for all types of boys. From extroverts to introverts, from bookworms to avid athletes, from artists to engineers—St. Christopher’s is a school in which every kind of boy can thrive.”

Mason Lecky

Headmaster and Parent

St. Christopher’s is a great school that enables your son to mature in a safe, protected environment.”

Conrad Garcia

Lower School Parent

There is a sense of community that comes down through all age levels from teachers to students. The idea that everyone feels like they are bigger than just themselves.”

Kristin Levengood

Past Parent

There is a lively and upbeat sense of community on campus, from the administration and faculty to the students.”

Lesley Berry

Lower School Parent

We were new to the area and were embraced by the community. Our two (fairly different) boys were able to ‘fit in’ in the ways they needed and we all immediately felt a part of the St. Christopher’s family.”

Anonymous Parent

Lower School/Middle School Parent

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